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By Jason L. Riley





"A mere book might not change the (immigration) equation. But if any book deserves to have such an impact, it is "Let Them In," by Wall Street Journal editorial writer Jason Riley, writing from a strongly conservative, Reaganite free-market perspective. While occasionally impassioned and sardonic, for the most part it is a sober demolition of six of the most prominent arguments against open immigration using the most reliable studies and statistics available. It demonstrates that there is simply no intellectually coherent case for restricting immigration, and that in fact to restrict immigration would do this country serious harm." --Alan W. Bock, Orange County Register (read the entire Orange County Register review)

"[Riley] puts forth the most persuasive, sustained case for a liberal immigration policy yet published." --James Kirchick, Policy Review (read the entire review.)

"The majority of the book is given to a clear-headed and painstaking demolition of the major myths used to scare the population into believing immigrants are working powerfully against their interests." --Ezra Klein, Barnes & Noble Review (Read the entire review.)

"Jason Riley deals not only with the canard of cheap labor but has built his book around what he calls "six common arguments against immigration and why they are wrong." Mr. Riley's book will prove an invaluable and trusty volume for all who are engaged in the great debate over public policy in this country." --Seth Lipsky, New York Sun

"Excels in its analysis of the economic benefits of immigration, and in showing that individual states with large legal and illegal immigrant populations are faring better than one might suspect." --Peter Wehner, Commentary magazine

"From his perch at the world's leading conservative newspaper, Riley picks apart the demagoguery of media rabble-rousers such as Rush Limbaugh, Lou Dobbs and Pat Buchanan, as well as the cynical populism of politicians such as Dennis Hastert and Mike Huckabee." --Geoff Schumacher, Las Vegas Review-Journal

"An illuminating look at immigration." --Vanessa Bush, Booklist

"A great conversation starter." --Robert Perret, Library Journal

[advance praise]

“The immigration debate seems to have been taken over by shrill anti-immigrant voices. Ace editorialist Jason Riley restores some balance with this calm, reasoned, highly compelling presentation of the case for immigration. His fact-laden polemic should make even the most die-hard xenophobe think twice. He shows why immigrants are a net plus, and why illegal immigration isn’t the crisis it has been made out to be.”
Max Boot, senior fellow, Council on Foreign Relations, author of War Made New and Savage Wars of Peace

Jason Riley photo

“Jason Riley puts today's fierce immigration debate into perspective, and he does so with crisp writing and thoughtful analysis. Let Them In is a welcome contribution to a national discussion that is too often dominated by fear-mongering and misinformation. Free-market adherents ought to embrace open-immigration policies, and this tightly drawn book explains why.” —Arthur Laffer, Chairman of Laffer Associates

“Jason Riley makes a very comprehensive argument for an Open Borders policy. People on all sides of this would do well to understand where he is coming from.” —Lawrence Lindsey, former chief economic adviser to President George W. Bush




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