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[about Jason Riley]

I'm a member of the editorial board at the Wall Street Journal, where I've worked for fourteen years. I started at the paper six months after graduation from the University at Buffalo in upstate New York, where I was born and raised. Prior to joining the Journal, I interned at USA Today and also worked at my hometown paper, the Buffalo News. I'm primarily an editorialist, but I also write op-eds and book reviews for the paper and appear regularly on the Journal's TV show on Fox News to discuss current events. Let Them In is my first book.

I cover a wide range of topics—including economics, telecommunications, education and race--mostly from a public policy perspective. I also write a lot about politics at the federal, state and local level. Over the past seven years, one of the subjects I've covered extensively for the paper is immigration. I've written about its effects on the economy, the culture and the political debate in the U.S. I've written about both high-skill and low-skill immigrants. I've reported from both Silicon Valley and the Mexican border.

As an opinion writer, I obviously have biases and convictions. But I'd like to think that my personal views don't preclude a fair-minded approach to a given topic. People will obviously disagree with some of my conclusions--maybe even most of them--but I hope my readers will at least come away better informed. That's my approach to journalism, and that was my approach to this book.


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