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Clinton at Democratic Convention: Copyright Diana Walker. Downloading of photographs for personal or commercial use without express permission is prohibited.

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By John F. Harris
Random House
$29.95 U.S.
544 pages
ISBN # 0375508473

The Survivor is the first major attempt to offer an objective historical appraisal of the full Clinton presidency. Unlike most of what has been written on the Clinton years, this book is not ideological in origin. Its purpose is not to promote Clinton's reputation, nor dismantle it.

In a single volume, Harris synthesizes the major themes of the Clinton years and presents an illuminating narrative filled with fresh details, including:

—How Hillary's Senate campaign revived the Clintons' marriage and laid the groundwork for the next chapter in the Clinton saga.

—How Clinton's relationship with Al Gore—once the closest and most productive partnership any president and vice president ever enjoyed—deteriorated.

—The fullest account to date of Clinton's antagonistic relationship with the Washington establishment, a struggle that affected his entire presidency and influences the Clintons' view of the capital to this day.

—A fresh look at one of the most impressive political comebacks in the history of the presidency, Clinton's battle to re-election in 1995 and 1996, and a portrait of his eccentric but productive relationship with the pollster Dick Morris.

—A behind-the-scenes narration of Clinton's deliberations over welfare reform, bringing to life the most consequential domestic policy decision of the 1990s.

—New details on the pervasive anxiety about sexual scandal—fears that long predated the Monica Lewinsky episode.

—How Bill Clinton became a foreign policy president, overcoming uncertainty and weakness he displayed in dealing with the Balkans and becoming the most dominant figure on the world stage.

—Combining incisive reporting and analysis with graceful prose, Harris has written a presidential biography that is at once humorous, authoritative, revealing, and a delight to read.


Clinton accepting nomination. Photo by Diana Walker.

Welcoming President-elect Bush. Photo by Diana Walker.

Downloading of photographs for personal or commercial use without express permission is prohibited.

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