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John F. Harris is an award-winning national politics writer for The Washington Post. The Survivor: Bill Clinton in the White House grew out of his experience covering the Clinton presidency from 1995 until its last day, January 20, 2001.

Harris, a native of Rochester, New York, and a graduate of Carleton College, with a major in American history, came to the Post as a summer intern in 1985, and has hung around ever since. He covered politics in Virginia, the U.S. military, and for the past decade has been a White House and politics reporter for the Post's national staff.

His stories on the presidency won two of the leading awards for White House coverage: the White House Correspondents Association's Aldo Beckman Award, and the Gerald R. Ford Award. He is an occasional panelist on the program Washington Week, and appears frequently on other television and radio shows.

In June of 2005, Harris will become the Post's National Politics Editor, in charge of the paper's White House and elections coverage.

He lives with his wife, Ann O'Hanlon, and their three children in Alexandria, Virginia.

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