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A Web presence has become an essential part of an author's promotional campaign. Our authors tell us that they're often contacted by radio and television outlets through their Booknoise Web sites, rather than through their publishers or agents. Other writers, professional groups, organizations seeking speakers, reading groups and book stores have all found our authors through their Booknoise sites. A Booknoise site is your way to reach your readers directly, using a marketing approach tailored to your style and objectives, speaking in your voice, and often serving as a complement to your publisher's promotional efforts.

Booknoise sites come in a variety of sizes and approaches. What follows are descriptions of the various models we've developed with our authors. Feel free to mix and match, to find the style that suits your book.


You provide: Cover art, Jacket copy, Author bio, Excerpt

Booknoise sets you up with: A Wordpress site featuring your cover art, jacket copy, author bio, an excerpt. You also receive an instruction manual for using Wordpress, and maintaining your site using the Wordpress software. Your site will be featured on the Booknoise home page and in the Booknoise newsletter.

Ideal for: Budget-minded authors who don't have the technical know-how to set up their own Blog sites, but are technically adept enough to follow instructions! Value comes from having the initial site set up so that it works as a brochure for your book. Extra value comes if you learn to update it with new materials.

Cost: $500.

* Regular

You provide: Cover art, jacket copy, author bio, excerpt.

Booknoise sets you up with: A templated Booknoise site that features domain registration, your own email address, a front page with jacket art, blurbs, book tour/appearances information, and a link to the excerpt.

Ideal for: Budget-minded authors who don't want to be involved in updating their own sites. No bells and whistles, but all the features necessary to promote your book in a handsome, easy-to-access Web site.

Price: $750

* A La Carte

You provide: The same materials as a Regular Site, plus whatever materials are necessary for the other features you want. Pick and choose from this menu to enhance your site with special features:

Reviews page: Include all your reviews (or, if you prefer, links to reviews) on a single page, updated weekly. (See example.)

Blog: If you want to blog about your book, or your issue, we can set you up with either a Blogger or WordPress blog. The blog comes with a guidebook to using the software and running your blog. (This is for users who are computer friendly. If the tech support issues become too burdensome we reserve the right to refund the dough and suggest you promote your book in some other way.) (See example.)

Discussion Board: Attracting an active coterie of correspondents can help promote your book in surprising ways, and a discussion board can be a magnet for such people, if you're willing to work it. We can set you up with a phpBB, with a handbook tailored for Booknoise clients.

Photo Essays: Up to 20 pictures with captions or running text, sized and fitted to a web page. (See example.)

Slideshows: Up to 20 pictures presented as an auto running slide show on your site. (See example.)

Additional Articles, Author Interview or Excerpts: If there's more you want people to read. (See example.)

Mailing List: If you want to maintain and administer your own mailing list, either phpList or Mailman, we can set it up for you.

Bibliography: One way to promote links to your site is to list your bibliographical sources. Titles and author names lead to frequent seach engine hits, which can attract extra visitors to your site. Set up your own Amazon Associates account and you'll receive a cut of each sale of books cited in your Bibliography. (See sample.)

Links: One of the most important cultural values on the Web derives from the process of linking. Creating a page of links that references other sites with similar or related material is a way to add to the connectivity that is so important on the Web, and to promote your site at the same time. We can set up a list of your favorite links, but if you plan on being an active linker you'll probably do better with a blog that allows you to control your inputs.

Price: It can vary greatly depending on what you want to do, and how often it will be updated. Let us know what you want and we'll provide you with an a la carte price.


We're also happy to custom design your site. (See Urban Tribes and Opening Day.) Prices vary depending on the complexity of the project. We'll work with you to satisfy your needs and implement your vision.


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Where the Wild Things Were
Life, Death, and Ecological Wreckage in a Land of Vanishing Predators

by William Stolzenburg

Let Them In
The Case for Open Borders

By Jason L. Riley

Breathing the Fire
Fighting to Report and Survive the War in Iraq

By Kimberly Dozier

How Water Went on Sale and Why We Bought It

By Elizabeth Royte

Dreams and Shadows
The Future of the Middle East

By Robin Wright

The Man Who Hated Work and Loved Labor
The Life and Times of Tony Mazzocchi

By Les Leopold

Walking Broad:
Looking for the Heart of Brotherly Love

By Bruce Buschel

High Tea in Mosul:
The story of two Englishwomen in war-torn Iraq

By Lynne O'Donnell

Opening Day:
The Story of Jackie Robinson's First Season

By Jonathan Eig

The Last Forest:
The Amazon in the Age of Globalization

By Mark London and Brian Kelly

The Way to Win :
Taking the White House in 2008

By Mark Halperin and John F. Harris

One Party Country:
The Republican Plan for Dominance in the 21st Century

By Peter Wallsten and Tom Hamburger

The Swamp:
The Everglades, Florida, and the Politics of Paradise

By Michael Grunwald

A People's History of Science:
Miners, Midwives and "Low Mechanicks"

By Clifford D. Conner

Lance Armstrong's War:
One Man's Battle Against Fate, Fame, love, Death, Scandal, and a Few Other Rivals on the Road to the Tour de France

By Daniel Coyle

The Survivor:
Bill Clinton in the White House

By John F. Harris

Garbage Land:
On the Secret Trail of Trash

By Elizabeth Royte

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