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A Story of Hope

By Laura Blumenfeld

Washington Square Books
$14 (in paperback April 2)
367 pages

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Unsolicited Praise:
The hardcover of Revenge is a New York Times bestseller. It was also selected as a notable book of 2002 by both the Times and the Washington Post book reviews.

The Post: "The pages of Revenge virtually quiver with the tension of whether Blumenfeld will be unmasked."

The Times: "The essential question Ms. Blumenfeld asks is how to escape revenge's futility. In her own case, there really was a way out, leading all the way to a climactic courtroom moment that is pure Hollywood, tears and all."

Solicited Praise:
Written with great sensitivity and compassion, Laura Blumenfeld's Revenge -- an exploration of human responses to extreme suffering and evil -- is a remarkable suspense story; it will enrich and inspire its many readers.
-- Elie Wiesel

Laura Blumenfeld has the eye of a reporter, the soul of a novelist, and the passion of an activist. She brings all three to bear superbly in this gripping and haunting first book. 
-- Thomas L. Friedman

Blumenfeld with the Khatibs in Israel in March 2002. "More than anything," writes the Post, "she is playing Cyrano de Bergerac to Khatib's Roxanne, speaking through an artifice because a Jew who is the victim's daughter would never have received a fair hearing."

[Excerpt from the book]
The Enemy of My Father
is My Enemy

"That's him," the shooter's mother said, pointing. I followed her finger to the wall, to the Palestinian's photograph, saw his face for the first time, and sank into the couch.

"He tried to kill someone," she said in an easy voice.

"Who?" I asked.

"Some Jew," said the woman's 12-year-old grandson, shrugging.

"After the incident, he came home and ate a big meal," said a sister-in-law.

"He was proud, he was beaming," the shooter's nephew said.

"It was public relations," said his brother. "He did it so people would look at us."

"Won't someone from the victim's family kill one of your people?" I asked. Read more


Khatib's conversion,
Taymor's immersion 

(From Page Six) HBO has scooped up screen rights to Laura Blumenfeld's amazing Revenge, but the movie will have a different ending than the book. Revenge, the story of how Blumenfeld hunted down Omar Khatib -- the man who had 20 years earlier shot her rabbi father in Israel -- ends with Khatib behind bars, opening a dialogue with the Blumenfelds.

But Khatib has since been released, largely because of Revenge, and he is a changed man. Read more

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