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Todd Oppenheimer works as a journalist at The Writers Grotto, a San Francisco collective for freelance writers, filmmakers and others devoted to the narrative arts. During his 25 years as a journalist, Oppenheimer has won a variety of national awards for his writing and investigative reporting and has appeared on numerous radio and television programs, including ABC's "Nightline." His articles have appeared in Newsweek, The Atlantic Monthly, The Washington Post, Columbia Journalism Review, Mother Jones, and an assortment of daily and weekly newspapers. This book is an expansion of one particular article, "The Computer Delusion," a 1997 cover story for The Atlantic Monthly which won a National Magazine Award for public interest reporting.

Oppenheimer comes to writing from a long history in the arts and education. He has been a calligrapher and portrait sculptor and spent five years as a professional actor in New York City, where he also worked as a mime partner with Robin Williams. He serves on the board of San Francisco's Magic Theatre, is a former board member of the Seven Tepees Youth Program for underprivileged children, and has volunteered at San Francisco's Mission High School as advisor to its school newspaper. In 1998 he was named the city's School Volunteer of the Year. He is a native of San Francisco, where he lives with his wife, Anh, and sons, A.J. and Moss.

Above: Todd Oppenheimer. Photograph by John Perino.
Below: Oppenheimer with his wife, Anh, and son, A.J.

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