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"Ike's discovery that his allies had betrayed him; his forthright determination to stand with Egypt against Britain, France and Israel, which triggered the invasion in coordination with the European nations; the stunned helplessness as brave Hungarians were trampled by Soviet forces — form the dramatic apex of Nichols' narrative. It is a staggering moment of peril, vividly captured by a gifted author. It is also timely in important ways. As Egypt again is a key player in a region in revolt, Eisenhower's experience in 1956 demonstrates both the significance of American principle — the molding effects of this democracy — and the limits of American power." --Jim Newton, Los Angeles Times (read the entire review here)

"This tightly written, chronological account covers a heart attack and, later, a severe intestinal illness that threatened Ike’s reelection; betrayal by Britain and France, his staunchest allies in World War II; Israeli belligerence spearheaded by David Ben-Gurion that eerily presages Benjamin Netanyahu’s contemporary approach; the mixed legacy of sharp-tongued Secretary of State John Foster Dulles and the largely incompetent record of his brother Allen, director of the Central Intelligence Agency; the rise of Arab nationalism as embodied in Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser; and the West’s continuing dependence on Middle Eastern oil transported through the Suez Canal, a flashpoint for decades. Nichols’ book, written lean enough to allow the facts speak for themselves, makes for exciting history." --Carlo Wolf, Christian Science Monitor (read the entire review here)

"One of “7 History Books Worth Checking Out in 2011” --Christian Science Monitor (1/12/11)

“A richly contextual reappraisal of a telling year in the presidency. . . . A suspenseful study that moves chronologically through the days in which the U.S. government was on tenterhooks. . . . A solid revisiting of this compelling leader about whom we are still learning.” --Kirkus Reviews

“Nichols draws on newly declassified documents to describe with rare accuracy and immediacy how Eisenhower, recovering from a heart attack and major surgery, acted with intelligence and foresight.” --Publishers Weekly




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