Iraq is a lot more peaceful than it has been for many years

October 25th, 2009

Since my return from England ,i feel that the turmoil in Iraq is becoming less. I hope this is the truth , The people of Iraq deserve to have some peace in their lives . For to long the iraqi people have known only war and struggle, and I hope this is a time for change . Last week one of my dearest friends went to Portugal for a week and through todays technology I was able to keep track of her flight. When I told her she was amazed and then her second reaction was is nothing private anymore . The fact is,in today’s world we can just about see preety much anything at anytime ,any place any where and when we stop to think,is it all a good thing . Somethings should be private . Maybe we should sometimes take a stepback and just enjoy the time,who knows we might enjoy it once in a while .

Autumn looms here in Duhok

October 6th, 2009

Here in Duhok like the rest of Iraq the weather is changing . Not like the Summer when it was impossible to go out in the afternoon.I love the winter in duhok , the smell when it rains for the first time . Not much has changed whilst I was away in England , Duhok still move’s at its own pace which is fine by me for I like the peace and quiet . Mosul seems to be calm at the moment and on Friday my friend will come , I hav’nt seen her since I travelled to England so it will be nice to catch up on things .
I still have this longing to go home to England , it is a very stange feeling I have never felt this way before , I want to go home. I think when you reach a certain age ,the yearning for home and the people there is so great that there is little you can do . I have been back just over five weeks and the feeling has not lessened at all.I am working at the university and at the training centre and with the people here and the work ,the time will pass until summer when I will see England once again .

Back Home in Duhok

September 8th, 2009

I am now back in Duhok after spending two of the most precious months of my life in England . I cannot begin to tell of the good times I had with my family and friends.Through the kindness of these people I have travelled the whole of England seeing places for the first time. I now see the England that is truly beautiful away from the violence that many people see in the inner cities . I think two places are very special to me Whitby where I spent two days and Newcastle with my special friend Glynis ,she gave me the kindness of her heart ,I met her family which are a credit to her and although she is dealing with many illness,es took me all over the place . All of the places I was privelidged to see these two places will remain in my heart forever. Theree are many new friens too, like Mary a friend of Johns and also John’s friends are Elizabeth and Bennet who have a b eautiful farm that they allowed me to visit and who every Saturday when I visited were kind enough to make breakfast for me along with their family.I would also like to say a big thank you to my Family who gave me the love that I needed and I know they are there for me.tO pAT and Joe a big thank you they brightened my day many times when I felt down.
I have to say with all honesty ,I had a difficult time returningto Iraq but with their help I am back and now I am at work with my family and the people of Iraq that I love very much . To all my Family and friends wherever in the world a big thank you to all of you ,from Susan in Duhok .(Pauline)

Thank you

August 10th, 2009

Iam continuing my stay in Colne ,I have been here now just over five weeks and I cannot describe the feeling of joy i have had with my time here . Due to many friends and relatives especially Lorraine and Derek ,Glynis ,John and many others it has been unbelievable . I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. These kind people have taken me to parts of England that i have never seen for a long time and the memories have just come flooding back . One of them is in Yorkshire and there is a special peak called Ingleborough which I have not climbed but just to veiw it from afar is reward enough .Yesterday I was invited by a very dear friend to go to a Agricultural show in the nearby villagecalled Trawden ,it was a beautiful day and the crowds were out in force. I was able to take full advantage of the glorious weather and took many photopgraphs on the pink camera. Again I want to thank these very special people a big thank you for making my stay in colne a memorable one that will stay in my heart forever.
Susan (Pauline)

Its raining in Colne

July 27th, 2009

This last three weeks have been Heaven , many friends have taken me all over England , I have visited many places around the Colne and Lancashire area and I have also been reunited with my very best friend Glynis who I lost over thirty seven years ago . I cannot express with words the kindness of my relatives and friends , they have gone all out for me ,ensuring that my stay in England is a true and memorable one . Back in Iraq there was an election in the Kurdistan area on Saturday . Mosul again is very bad and last night I saw on the English news that the Americans had again entered the streets again to patrol . I dont think that there will come a time when Mosul will be free from the violence. I hope and pray that some day the people of Iraq will find the peace they truly deserve .
Susan( Pauline)

Home in Colne

July 8th, 2009

For the first time in four years I am writing from COLNE, i arrived home on Saturday afternoon,my friend was at Manchester airport to meet me . The flight from Iraq was was very nice and without any problems and from Turkey the same . The weather is very nice and I have enjoyed the rain something I have waited for ,for a long time. I miss everybody in Duhok ,my family and friends at the International Relations Office, hello everyone . This is a first and I miss all of you . Colne is a small town in Lancashire, but it may be small but the hearts of the lancashire people are big and warm.
Susan (Pauline )

A great day for Iraq

June 30th, 2009

Today sees the withdrawal of the American troops from the towns and cities in Iraq.No one can say what will happen but i think most of the ordinary people are hoping this will be the start of things to come . I hope and pray that they will get what they have longed for, for so many years.I still feel with forboding in my heart that this situation will continue for a long time to come, and these bad people will take full advantage of the absence of the Americans to escalate the everyday violence to a new level,I truly hope I am wrong.
My daughter and Grandsons are here with me to spend this week with me before I leave for England, on Saturday. I will miss everyone at home and at the office very much but I feel I need this time for doing a lot of things that I really want to do and see, that I have missed over the many years I have lived in Iraq.The next time I write the Diary,IT WILL BE FROM COLNE
Susan (Pauline)

Many people from abroad visit Duhok City.

June 16th, 2009

This last two weeks have been very busy for the International Relations Office at the University of Duhok , the office has been so busy welcoming visitors from all over the world. We have had guest from America ,NorwayGermany just to mention a few . I love to meet all these people they are so intresting and they all seem to leave with the same feeling ,they can’t wait to return to Duhok.
My friend came from Mosul on Friday and stayed till Sunday Morning . My other friend who is the Manager of the International Relations office treated my friend and I to a beautiful lunch and then a drive up into the mountains. it was very enjoyable and I know that I thanked her for the great day ,butI think it deserves another mention. Thank You Rund it was beautiful day much appreciated by both of us.
It wont be long now and I am looking forward to seeing my family and friends especially Glynis and Joan who I worked with in Burnley she will pick me up at the airport and take me home . Glynis will come down to Colne after a few days ,we have alot to catch up on after more than thirty years ,I am looking forward to seeing her again . So in two weeks I will be writing the diary from Colne .
Susan (Pauline)

Mosul once again is not good

June 2nd, 2009

For the last couple of months ,all the talk has been about Susan Boyle and with good reason. This unlikely singer showed not only Briton that she indeed can sing but the whole world . I watched her first performance on Youtube and for once in my life I saw the smug bigheaded look on Simon Cowells face knocked for a six. All of them were making fun of this lady which as become unfortunately a British norm to make fun and riddicule someone who may be just a little differant from others . I loved her and this week to my dismay she was let down by the British public when they voted for a second rate act instead of her. I think she has the voice of an angel and I truly hope that she will make her mark on the singing Industry.
Things are very quiet in Duhok but unfortunately it is not the same for Mosul. Last week my friend cancelled her trip ,there was a curfew in many parts of the city because two men had attacked a girls school ,trying to steal the salaries of the teachers . The head teachers quick action of locking her office door and telephoning for help may have saved many lives . There was a gun battle and one of the men was killed , but two girls were caught in the cross fire injuring both of them with one poor girl later losing her leg. all this sensless violence is on the increase again and once agin the ordinary people are the ones to suffer.
Susan (Pauline)

Congratulations Burnley its good to be back on top

May 26th, 2009

Last night Burnley football team beat Sheffield United 1-0 at Wembley,promoting them to the Premier Leauge for the first time in 33years. This is a great day for Lancashire against their rivals Yorkshire ,its just like the war of the Roses all over again.I wish I could have seen it ,but the taste of victory will have to suffice.
Here in Duhok the weather becomes hotter each day and to make it worse there is this continous haze of dust hanging over the city. Last night we had a slight shower of rain which cooled the temperature down but this morning the heat was back with a vengence.Today I will give the final exam to the ten students from the latest English course. I would just like to say that I have enjoyed teaching these students and although they are just beginners they have made me proud because they kept up with the course never giving up even if they found it difficult and I hope all of them will be sucessful.I will miss them and hope they will go on to a further level and acheive their goals. Good luck to all.
Susan (Pauline)