Bottlemania: How Water Went on Sale and Why We Bought It by Elizabeth Royte

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Water Links

General Information About Drinking Water

From the Environmental Protection Agency on tap water: General information ( and a FAQ (

And from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

The Environmental Working Group on contaminants in tap water:

The Environmental Working Group's tap water database for local communities (data were collected between 1998 and 2002):

The NRDC on contaminants in tap water:

The EPA on testing for contaminants in well water:

An NRDC report on tap water quality and compliance:

The U.S. Geological Survey on “emerging contaminants” in drinking water:

Information from the Consumer Federation of America on contaminants of concern for vulnerable populations:  

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on preventing cryptosporidiosis in vulnerable populations:

The Campaign for Safe and Affordable Drinking Water's “Making Sense of ‘Right to Know' Reports”: .

Consumer Reports on deciphering your consumer confidence report.

The Department of Health and Human Services on the health effects of possible water contaminants:

To find a state-certified lab to test your water, see or call the Safe Drinking Water Hotline, 800/426-4791.

For more information on when or what to test for, see

Physicians for Social Responsibility fact sheets on safe drinking water:

Thinking about buying a water filter?

Consumer Reports video on five top water filters.

Consumer Reports on a filter to avoid.

From Food and Water Watch:

From Grist Magazine:

From Consumer Reports (May 2007), a primer on water-filter types: (Recommendations and ratings available by subscription only).

From the Green Guide and the National Sanitation Foundation:

What's the difference between bottled spring and well water? What's artesian?

How to purify water in an emergency:

Fluoride in your tap water?

In favor:


To learn more about water and privatization:

The Alliance for Democracy:

Blue Planet Project:

Corporate Accountability International:

Defending Water in Maine:  

Food and Watch Watch:

H2O for ME:

McCloud Watershed Council:

Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation

The Pacific Institute for Studies in Development, Environment and Security:

The Polaris Institute:

Save Our Groundwater:

The Sierra Club's Water Privatization Taskforce:

Sweetwater Alliance:

Water Dividend Trust:

Water Waves:

Organizations working to protect public waterways

American Rivers:

The Nature Conservancy:

American Whitewater

Environmental Defense:

Earth Policy Institute:

The Freshwater Society:

The River Network:

Trout Unlimited:

World Wildlife Fund:

Waterkeeper Alliance:

Clean Water Network:

Clean Water Action:

Earth Justice:

League of Conservation Voters:

Clearwater Hudson River Sloop:

Conservation International:

Croton Watershed Clean Water Coalition

Other organizations

International Bottled Water Association:

American Water Works Association:

Water Environment Federation:

Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies:

The Pacific Institute:

On water footprints:

Water movies!


FLOW: For Love of Water (Activists and educators: Get 25% off the retail price of a FLOW DVD by entering the code "watercitizen" at

Blue Gold: Life for Sale

Water Warriors

See also Food and Water Watch's extensive filmography:

Water Blogs


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