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Bolicks Football 2014 v3 cover 400wideThe iBook version of Bolick's Guide to Fantasy Football Prospects 2014 is available now. Click here to buy for $1.49.

The pdf version is now live. Also $1.49.  (If you own the Fantasy Football Guide 2014, see below for how you can obtain a free version of Bolick's Guide.

The Amazon Kindle version is out now. For $2.99. Lower price coming soon.

If you own the Fantasy Football Guide 2014, on sale now in stores and online (use the coupon code rotoman and get $1 off the online version), you can download a free pdf version of Bolick's Guide (which is an expansion, with hyperlinks, of his NFL Draft story in the Guide). You'll need the password to access the page. Use the first word of this year's Letter From the Editor. It won't hurt if it's capitalized.

Screenshot 2014-07-27 18.58.42And be sure to look for Bolick's Guide to Fantasy Baseball Prospects 2014 at Amazon, Apple iBooks, and Google Play stores.



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